How to Start a Home Health Agency: Steps to Open Home Healthcare

Home health care is big business. There are a lot of people who require assistance because of health issues that keep them or their loved ones homebound. Many are more comfortable in their own homes and do not need the full time care of healthcare facilities. Others simply just may not be able to afford the high costs of being a resident in a long term health care facility.

For the savvy entrepreneur who has a love of helping others and knowledge of the medical field, this is an excellent business to get into. Starting a home health agency requires dedication, the right licensing and strong marketing to be able to succeed in this competitive business.

How to Start a Home Health Agency

Getting Started for Your Home Health Care

  • If you plan to run a home health care business then you will need to have the educational background to support your business. You should at least have a nursing degree as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CPA) or greater. Most home health care providers are required to have a nursing background to be able to work.
  • An educational background in health administration is also a huge benefit. Any type of business administration background would be extremely helpful in providing knowledge and understanding of running a business.
  • Decide upon a name and logo for your business and register it with your local licensing agency.
  • Conduct research to see what type of licenses and permits that may be required for your city, county and state. Federal regulations will also apply to you, so be sure that you are up to date on all laws and regulations that apply for home health care providers.
  • Develop your business plan. A business plan details what you envision for your business, your financial credibility for at least the past five years, your estimated analysis of profits and costs for at least five years and a strong marketing campaign to advertise your business.

Developing the Home Health Agency Business

  • It is probably more feasible for you to start your business out of your home until you are able to grow enough to afford to lease or rent a building.
  • Advertise in your local newspapers and other avenues. Post flyers and bulletins in hospitals, clinics, Laundromats and anywhere else where you think you can gain good exposure.
  • Attend senior citizen events to make yourself known to that portion of the community. Be prepared to have business cards and other pamphlets or information to hand out as necessary. This is a good way to network while getting involved in the community and making a name for you and your business.
  • Set up your home office with the equipment and supplies you’ll need. Most likely you will only need a computer, phone and basic equipment to start.
  • Acquire appropriate insurance you will need to be able to work in other people’s homes. You may need to get a business auto insurance policy if you will be transporting your clients to appointments, shopping or whatever errands they may require of you.
  • As you gain customers, you may need to hire others to help you keep up with your work load. Be very careful whom you hire and check their backgrounds carefully. Be sure that they are appropriately licensed to be able to work for you.

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