How to Start a Nursery: Plan, Setting Up Home Nursery Business

You are a person who is filled with the excitement of entering into a business but who does not know which business to choose and how to proceed; here is your chance to excel. You can channel your entrepreneurial ambition towards starting a nursery provided that you have some space, a green thumb and convenient source of water.

Nursery business has lots of growth potential, as there is surging craze among people to buy exotic plants for decorative purposes.

Plan to Start a Nursery Business

  • While you plan to pursue your dream business venture of plant nursery, you should take into consideration various legal requirements to be fulfilled. First, you would require to apply for license for the business which you are set to start. In this regard, you have to obtain information about the concerned department where the application would be submitted.
  • Go for property zoning if required. In USA, property is usually divided into two zones – agricultural and commercial. These two zones dictate all types of land utilization. Therefore, you have to make sure that the land you possess for your proposed business is commercial.
    Otherwise, you have to put your land into proper zone through official intervention.
  • Get a strong business plan developed for the business. A detailed business plan is known to include all the specifications required to set up a business. The business plan which you would develop should contain the details of the investment which you would require to put in for the plant nursery business. It should also name the resource that would finance your business.
  • Find out what type of insurance your business would require. Generally, plant nursery business requires property hazard insurance. In case you plan to recruit employee, you might also require workman’s compensation. Sometimes, this type of business also requires general liability insurance in case there is rush of customers and visitors.
  • Remember that your proposed plant nursery would require enough water for irrigation. You can think over resourcing the need of water through installing irrigation well. Other option is to get it from any nearby lake or stream. If you want to install irrigation well, you have to obtain required permit from water management authorities.

Setting up Plant Nursery Business

Advertising and marketing play important roles in the growth of plant nursery business. Therefore, you are required to undertake strategic advertising and marketing campaign, as it would give you upper hand over your competitors.

Home Nursery Business

Home nursery business is generally opened as part time engagement by professionals who have spare time. This type of business is also taken up by homemakers in large number. Home nursery business offers a lot of fun and excitement besides financial rewards.

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  1. NV Reply

    Sir/Madam I own a Land about 5 Acres. I am interested in Setting up Plant Nursery Business in the same. So I need an experienced person to setup the Infrastructure, I am ready to pay the charges for the same.
    Thank you.

  2. SM Reply

    I am interested to start a plant nursery. Could anyone experienced in the same field can help me by giving good suggestions, like appropriate investments, place, where do I get the plants and other product from and some valuable tips?

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