How to Start a Mobile Food Truck Business: Plan for Starting

There is strong craze to operate mobile food truck business among people who want to enter into food catering business in United States. The importance of food truck business is on the surge as more and more people are getting inspired to the idea of eating from mobile trucks. Now, mobile food trucks are common sights in US cities.

This business has taken the shape of a prospective industry.

How to Start a Mobile Food Truck Business?

If you are determined to launch a mobile food truck business, be prepared to follow a wide range of legal and departmental formalities before you would be able to set your food truck on the streets. Starting a mobile food truck business would require you to consider the following tips and ideas.

  • Determine a location where you plan to park your mobile food truck. While determining the location, you should consider to find a place that is surrounded by offices and markets with huge human footfalls.
  • Next, you require to conduct a research to know the prescribed food regulations of your home state.
  • Various states have various regulations to be followed. Some cities have restriction regarding the number of units. They do not allow food truck business beyond that number. But obtaining a license is a mandatory requirement in almost all the cities.
  • Generally, a food truck business requires permission issued from both Department of Health and Department of Agriculture.
  • Obtain certification of identification. All mobile food truck operators require to have certification of identification that is issued from the respective district health department. In order to obtain the certificate, you are required to pursue a Food Manager Certification Course.
  • If you stay in Washington DC, make sure to visit Food Safety & Hygiene Inspection Services Division to know more about the course.
  • It is mandatory for new mobile food vendors to submit vending applications to the Department of Health. While submitting the form, you should provide necessary information like your operating hours and your contact number. Keep a copy of the application with you.
  • Buy a truck that would be converted into your mobile food truck. After buying the truck, you should find a truck designing firm that would work on the truck to shape it into the vehicle which would serve your purpose.
  • Before you actually get into the designing and renovation works of the truck, get a blueprint of the final design and get it approved from the Department of Health.

Mobile Food Truck Business Plan

It is very important that you get a cutting-edge business plan to guide your mobile food truck business at the very beginning. Your business plan should contain topics such as the goal of your business, fulfillment of legal requirements, how to obtain your required fund, types of dishes you intend to serve and your advertising strategies.

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