How to Start a Catering Business: How to Open a Hotel or Restaurant

How to Start a Catering Business?

Catering business has taken the shape of a flourishing industry today. There was a time when people who had enough resources would enter the business. Now, it has become a business sector that is dominated by skilled and trained professionals. Educational institutions and universities are offering degree and diploma courses in the food and beverage services.

It has put catering profession at more consolidated position.

If you have a penchant for catering services and you are wondering how to start a catering business, here we offer the best solutions.

Starting a catering business would require you to first get in touch with your local health department. It would lead you towards getting necessary permits, inspection certificates and insurance.

Then, you would require to determine whether your proposed catering service would offer chef services (in-home catering) or you prefer to launch a catering business. In case you opt for the later, you require to get an industrial kitchen on rent.

The next important step is menu planning. In this regard, you should pay specific attention towards the type of food you are going to serve.

At the beginning, do not include dishes in the menu that contain exotic ingredients or that take complex process in its preparation.

How to Open a Restaurant?

Starting a restaurant business requires to consider several factors which include:

  • Developing business plan
  • Choosing location
  • Design and layout
  • Licenses and permits
  • Choice of equipment
  • Prices of the menu

However, choosing the concept of your proposed restaurant business has great importance. Currently, popular concepts that dominate restaurant business include:

  • Quick service restaurants
  • Family dining restaurant
  • Casual dining restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Ethnic dining restaurant

There are some variations, as well, in the concept of a fast-food restaurant business. These variations include casual restaurants as well as catering trucks. Fast casual type is a restaurant which has more sit-in ratio where customers take their seats and get their orders served to their seats. Catering trucks are generally parked outside worksites. They serve food mainly to factory workers.

How to Start a Hotel Business?

Starting a hotel business may have high potential of income. If you are thinking over how to start a hotel business, you first require to determine whether you would own it or buy a franchise of any popular hotel. However, there are several pros and cons in either of the options.

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    I would like to open up a catering business to corporate( as lunches and dinner) in India , Please do let me know how should I proceed.


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