How to Start a Charter School: Benefits to Set Up a Charter School

Charter schools are the specialized schools for those students who want specialized learning experience of different kind of schooling. Charter schools have different rules and regulations to follow than that of other schools. Charter school students don’t have to pay fees. Starting a charter school is not an easy task. It is a complicated task and takes time.

How to Start and Set Up a Charter School?

  • You should frame a mission statement for your school. All charter schools have their mission statements. You should focus on the children you want to help and also think about faculty, parents and society. You need to stand up to their expectations. you should consult the district school office that do they want to include any other information in the mission statement or not.
  • You have to review all the school regulations because you are a part of a state education board and you have to follow all the regulations for that.
  • Organize a committee to govern the school. This committee should include the director of the school district, members of the school board, teachers and parents.
    The committee should review and agree with the mission statement. The committee also needs to decide which students they want to admit into their charter school.
  • Then stage comes where you have to frame your policies. While framing all the policies, you have to consider al the departments and voices of all the concerned people. On the basis of policies, organization is going to work. It is not a good sign to change the policies one framed. So it has to be very well studied and thought of. You can form a committee to frame these policies. This committee will include people from every department.
  • You should review the curriculum of state university/board. You also have to prepare a curriculum and present it to your committee.
  • Then you have to collect funds. You can approach to some NGOs or you can approach to some schools, people, business houses and their CSR activists.
  • Now you need to buy a land to build–up the school building. It may be costly but for that you may get many donators who can help you with that issue.
  • Hire staff that includes all the staff of the school. You need to hire teachers, peons, managers, accountants, clerks, back office staff etc. You should hire the staff who can help to fulfill your purpose of serving those children. You should be very careful while appointing staff.
  • Now you have to purchase all the props for students and many art instruments if needed. These things depend on the purpose of the school.
  • Now you need to start admitting students in your school. You have to print applications and also make people aware about the school’s opening applications. You can give declaration in some news papers also.

Benefits of a Charter School

  • They are very creative, innovative and thought provoking
  • You can offer distance learning courses as well under your charter school which is in demand nowadays.
  • Charter school is a sophisticated mode of education and provides many benefits to society as well.
  • They get some benefits from government also.

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