How to Start a Private School: Things to Know Before Starting School

Starting a school of any kind is quite an undertaking.  It takes a lot of hard work and investment to be able to start a school successfully.  The entrepreneur who is interested in starting a private school has a lot of work ahead of them; however it is still possible as long as you are aware of the challenges, have the financial backing and work extremely hard to put it all together and become successful.

Steps to Start a Private School in USA

Before Starting the Private School

  • It is important to note that starting a business like this isn’t like many other self-starting businesses.  It will take at least two years from conception to completion and perhaps even longer.
  • Consider your local area and what types of schools are already available to the population.  While you’re doing your research concentrate on all of the grade levels as well.  There may be a lot of high school resources which might mean a greater need for elementary and primary education levels in your area.
  • Develop a well-structured business plan that details your financial status and your goals for the school you plan to run.  Include in the plan your projected growth, profits and costs for at least the first five years.
  • Create a five year budget plan that details expenditures you expect to start up and continue.  Include such things as materials, building expenses, insurance premiums, payroll and so forth.
  • Gather together others who are interested in your project such as parents and other individuals who have knowledge and expertise that can help you.  For instance, try to find parents who are lawyers or teachers and/or who might have the ability to help you finance the school.  This way you can start forming a committee that can turn into the Board of Directors of your school while you are getting expert help, advice and possibly financial backing.

Starting the Private School

  • With your business plan and budget plan put together, start working on financial backing and investors who would like to help get your business going.  This process may take a while so it is a good idea to get started now.
  • Contact your local, state and federal licensing boards to find out all of the necessary permits, licenses and insurances you will need to run your school.
  • Start looking for a building and/or land to house your school.  Be sure that there is enough property/space to be able to accommodate your school as well as future additions, parking and so forth.
  • Start off in stages.  In other words, if you are planning on having your school for ages K-12th grades, start with only the first couple of grades first.  This will give you time to start building the school, a solid reputation and income while you gradually add the other grades as needed.
  • Order all of the necessary supplies including teaching materials, office equipment, classroom furniture and so forth.
  • Start looking for qualified teachers for your school.  Some of them may even offer to volunteer at first just to help out.
  • It is very important to find an attorney who will help you with all of your legal concerns and obligations.  Perhaps one of the people on your committee will be an attorney who could offer his or her services for free or for a reduced rate.

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